Aviv Gozali Biography

Aviv Gozali Biography

Aviv Gozali Biography – Who Is Aviv “The King” Gozali – A fighters History

Aviv Gozali Biography – Aviv Gozali MMA Fighter – Bellator MMA Professional Fighter Future Bellator Lightweight Champion Renzo Gracie MMA Israel.

Aviv Gozali, an 18-year-old Israeli mixed martial artist, broke the Bellator MMA record for the fastest submission win in the company’s history with a lightning quick heel hook Saturday. After Muravitskiy tapped, Gozali ran around the Bellator cage celebrating his win 3-0.


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First, Aviv Gozali, born in Bat Yam, Israel on November 30th 2000. Second, Aviv Gozali’s father Haim Gozali, a Jiu Jitsu Master (Under Renzo Gracie NYC) MMA Fighter, Trainer, Promoter and a Former Multi Time Gold World Champion Jiu Jitsu winner. Obviously, Aviv Gozali is not just an average MMA athlete. Clearly, Aviv Gozali was born into the jiu jitsu world from day one. Undoubtedly, the art of jiu jitsu was natural for Aviv and it all started at a very early time. Furthermore, at the young age of three years old Aviv was enrolled into judo training and proved his ability to love the sport and strive higher.

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At this time, Aviv is training daily for almost two decades, from home training with Haim Gozali to the best Jiu Jitsu and MMA training camps. For example, with a long relationship with “uncle” Renzo Gracie you know a new champion is on his way to the top.


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The Gozali Dynasty.

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